1. Cracks


By Mike Green November 2021

A crack in the sidewalk, a crack in the road
a bottomless wheel rut from too heavy a load
a crack in your heart, a tear in your eye
a tear in the world from your boots to the sky

So you sit down to breakfast, day-old coffee and toast
you're so tired that you wonder if you might be a ghost
go look in the mirror, see if you're still there
there's relief and confusion for what's next if you dare

Right after the earthquake, the crack is so wide
that you cannot get over, and you're stuck on one side
and the bed that you've made, you still have and you hold
what you choose when you're young is still there when you're old

So you'll wake up the garden when the last snow is gone
scratch a line in the soil, then drop the seeds one by one
imagine tomatoes half as big as your head
eat ‘em right there in the garden with the sun overhead

But the snow is still falling, spring is eons away
and the sun will still rise up each and every day
so remember that garden, and that stems the hurt
know the feel of your fingers as they dance in the dirt