1. Forgiveness


By Mike Green, February 2023

When I leave early morning but get no further
than the end of the driveway and then stop
Look right, look left, take a breath, and then shift back into park

Both hands on the wheel, my mind goes traveling
down some highway to a nondescript hotel
with a view of a parking lot, and that perfumed and antiseptic smell

I had no idea how much I loved you
'til one day you were almost out the door
I was so slow to see that you needed me to give you so much more

Please give yourself a break from your high standards
Nobody's judging you today
especially not me, I got way too much regret to act that way

At the end of every question is a question
is there no end to these nesting dolls of knowledge
you can learn more just sitting still than some folks do in four years of college

Now the sun's looking down at the horizon
How long have I been sitting here like this
with my head in the past and the promise to do better on my lips

I feel like you caught me with my pants down
Cause you're standing at the front door with a grin
Wondering when I'd realize that mistakes are not a mortal sin

So let's go out for breakfast, it's a new day
and we'll cancel all those plans we had for now
ditch the car, take my hand, and we'll walk as far as our feet will allow