From Your Brain To Your Mouth To The World
By Mike Green, February 2021

Right here between the truth and a lie
From your brain to your mouth to the world
Does it become real when you say it out loud
And take wing like a banner unfurled

Out from the shadows, so bright you can’t see
If you squint hard, it don’t help at all
Go inside yourself to the place you know well
Where your back’s never touching, not touching, not back to the wall

A hole in the truth is a crack in the lie
If you look at it sideways or drunk
What’s right here today might be long gone tomorrow
Your philosophy’s all gone to bunk

You stand up and pace, then you write something down
It’s the first thing that pops in your head
It might not make sense, so you let it sink in
That some things are better, yes better, much better unsaid

If you believe that your blood runs blue
That you’re better than everyone else
You misunderstood what Fred Rogers meant
When he said to believe in yourself

You start at the bottom, and take your sweet time
Get to know how it feels on the ground
You’ll keep coming back here each time you stand up
Like your head hits the floor when you thought you were painting the town