1. Time To Go


Time To Go
by Mike Green, June 2021

I stepped outside, closed the door, heard it click
There was a time I loved you, but it just didn't stick
Carrying this suitcase and a heart like a brick
And it’s time for me to go

When I said that I was leaving the very first time
You didn’t quite believe me, thought I’d lost my mind
Like money from a bank in the crash of twenty-nine
It was time to go, time to go

No, I didn't meet someone else, but I guess I might
I think about it sometimes in the middle of the night
Remember how it was with you when we turned out the light
Before it was time to go

I remember when we met for the very first time
Couldn’t let go of each other, as hard as we might try
Could not imagine that we'd ever say goodbye
or have to go, have to go

The last time you said "I love you dear"
Must have said it in your head, ‘cause I did not hear
I was still thinking we might make it through another year
But it was time for me to go

And the other night you kissed for me the very last time
It was a close encounter of the most mundane kind
and it moved from the back to the front of my mind
that it’s time to go, time to go

It seems I like your family more than I like you
A lousy thing to say but we both know it’s true
But we can’t really dwell on it, there’s too much else to do
And it’s time for me to go

And now I'm finally leaving for the first and last time
I really hope you're happy and your life works out fine
but now that there's a landline 'tween my heart and my mind
it's time to go, time to go
time to go, time to go